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                      " Me and the colors are the same ,Iam an artist " Poul Klee

Nooraldeen is a Kurdish artist born in Kirkuk (Iraq/Kurdistan) 1966. He lives in Erfurt/Germany since 2000 and he is working sedulously - like an ant.
His art is combined with oriental elements and colours, the shining sun, and warm colours; expressive and emotional, fillings through dreams and his real live. His paintings are very crowded and similar to colourfull carpets as a Kurdish Kelim - joining art with heart and soul and shows a rich beauty. Variation in his compositions, on a face of silent paper, or on a white canvas he can tell us long stories which never ending with his fine miniature works. His symbolic elements can be combined with the rich civilization of the Mesopotamic culture ("The land between the two rivers"), where he come from and his own personality and consciousness. 
                                 kakayi 2008-Belgium


                                       Noor 28-12-2008 NL  photo by Hesam kakay 


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